London family photographer

London family photographer

London Family Photographer

Morgana Secco

Hi, I am Morgana.

I am a London family photographer, in love with people and their stories.

My story as a photographer is not usual. When I was a child I’ve never thought about being a photographer, this was never my dream. I did not even have contact with photography, except for my love for organizing the family photos. I have always been a good student and it was very hard to choose just one among a variety of undergraduate courses, my curious soul would like to do most of them. Finally, I choose chemical engineering. So I graduated, concluded a master’s, worked for almost 10 years as an engineer and built a solid career. But I was not happy there.

At that point, photography had already entered in my life for some years as a hobby, a passion that I loved studying and exploring. And I saw my eyes shine when I decided to give up my engineer career to dedicate only to photography.

As if it was not enough to change my professional life, I decided to change my home, and I moved to London. I think I can say I am a dreamer, but the fighter kind, the one who doesn’t give up until making dreams come true. The last one was moving to London. The next? There are many, let’s have a cup of tea and I’ll tell you!

What do I photograph

I love to photograph people and families in a spontaneous and natural light way. I work with lifestyle and documentary concepts, both focusing on emphasizing personalities and real life, because I believe these would be our most valuable memories. I photograph events and weddings, following these concepts as well. Now I also photograph tourists that come to visit London and want their pictures with the quality their vacations deserve.

What moves me

I think I can say that what moves me is love. Love between parents and sons, between a couple in love, love for a place, for food… in a spontaneous and genuine way.

I love the simple things in life and our little daily accomplishments, as well as the big celebrations. I believe that in the end of our lives it is going to be the memories of these moments that will define whether we had a good life or not. I guess that’s why I love so much to collect these moments.

Welcome to my website!